The Representation of Women at Electronic Music Festivals



Being a female artist operating in this field with the music business, I enjoy keep up with latest research. Plus a very interesting recent study shows the way the land lies for ladies inside the lucrative field of electronic music festivals. International support and database Female Pressure includes female DJs, Vjs, electronic musicians, sound artists, sound engineers, academics along with other diverse professionals active in the post club culture industry and vibrant scenes in most cities. - Download Electronic music

As a collective endeavour, active members of the feminine Pressure network submitted statistics for festivals they were conscious of. After which, collating all these findings, they produced a study and graphic representation clearly demonstrating their informal research using music faders and ven diagrams. Some countries fared much better than others - the united kingdom wasn't the very best for gender representation with women creating ten percent of the artists performing. And quite surprisingly perhaps, Germany failed to fair far better inspite of the assumption there are more female DJs and artists active especially in Berlin.

Overall, the analysis showed over 80 percent of festival artists were male and much less than ten per cent were female - the rest were acts made from people. So what can be performed about this? One solution submit continues to be festivals representing only female artists. The purpose of this is to make a statement that there are many female artists out there that may entertain a crowd. However there is an argument against this approach as this can still cause separation and insufficient integration inside the male dominated rosters. You can find wonderful examples of festivals and collectives that shoot for an even more representative and various offer of live and DJ acts - LEM festival in Barcelona was one of these brilliant though this sadly no longer exists.

Female Pressure are determined with this year to provide an exciting female lineup in Berlin to boldly highlight the amount superiority women employed in the electronic music business. Future festivals will however concentrate on targeting a 50-50 male female ratio as increased female acts at electronic music festivals seems the most effective way forward. There are numerous intriguing and most capable female live performers and DJs, one just has to apply your favourite search results to locate this out. And even more importantly audiences deserve a varied and reflective selection of performances whether they have invested in a ticket to have an event. - Download Electronic music